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» Welcome To Shrimali Soni Samaj
Shree Vachhrajbhai a man from Junagadh, with conviction decided to write his own fate in 1968 when he joined his father Vachhrajbhai in business. He being elder to three brothers Ashokkumar, Girishkumar and younger to only sister Kuntaben made up his mind to conquer the world. It is worthy to note his ambition to employed ten thousand Shree Mali Soni artisans incoming future. He has created a distinct wish reputation in the world of jewellery.

Shree Natvarlal Choksi has always been eager to support, promote & donate for the good social service project, lunch or dinner, donations etc regularly with hall heartedness. SHRI Choksi is widely known as BHAMASHA-a great but popular Indian donor.He is having great human values and tremendous love for Shrimali Soni cast people is not only unparallel but exemplary too for others. A man of convection, dedication,eager for donations, discipline , family man who's sincerity and love is be own doubt.Is none other than our ever smiling, ever dynamic and hard working Shree Natvarlal Vachhraj Choksi.

» About Shrimali Soni Samaj
Today Shree mal is small village having twenty thousand populations is near BHEELDI junction of Marwad. The BHINNMAL station is hundred & three km away from BHILDI junction. One can reach there from SHIROHI station there are hundred SHREE MALI BRAHMINS along with forty SHREE MALI SONI goldsmith shops are situated. Considering the history of Indian betel field – Veer Bhumi – Varu Bhumi is between JODHPUR & ABU were Shree mali situated in huge land. BHINNMAL is beautiful state capital in the past were very tall palaces and thick population was of attraction of every foreigners.
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